Spiritual and patriotic direction

Oleksa Gasin's field game

Together with the Youth Nationalist Congress, MNK held a field game for our scholarship holders

The road of life turns up! Trail of the Unconquered 2021

On July 19-25, the "Path of the Invincibles" training camp for young people was held for the fifth time in Skolivskyi Beskids. Annually B.O. The Karpinski Foundation financially supports the youth initiative.

Two centuries - one war

The exhibition "Two centuries - one war" combines photos from two wars - the Second World War and the Russian-Ukrainian one, which is currently ongoing.

Trail of the Unconquered 2020

Already on the fourth day, they supported the "Path of the Unconquered". Stezhyna is a training camp. The idea to create this camp came from our scholarship recipient Ola Sydiy back in 2017.

Pilgrim's Prayer Book

This year, the 28th "Farewell on foot to Goshev" was supposed to take place. The Stryi Eparchy of the UGCC prepared for it in advance.

God is full of love and mercy

Helping others is the main task of the Karpinski Charitable Foundation. We are always happy to support those in need. In February 2020, the organization "Ukrainian Youth - Christ" approached us

Army is important

With the support of the Karpinsky Charitable Foundation, Viknosvit provided one of the military units in the city of Stryi with new metal-plastic windows.

We believe in a bright future for Plast

The Karpinsky Charitable Foundation has been friends with Plast since 2014. We are always here to help when you need it.

Trail of the Unconquered 2019

During training, each participant has the opportunity to test his character, physical and moral stability. The basis of the program was 7 main directions: ideological, spiritual, physical, communication, self-development, military training, survival.

Internet as a necessity

In 2019, the provider TeleLan, with the support of the Karpinski Foundation, provided several socially important locations in our city with its services free of charge.

Trail of the Unconquered

With the support of the "Karpinsky Foundation" and the Youth Nationalist Congress, the girl organized a three-day camp "Path of the Unconquered".

Church is the foundation of our nation

Throughout the history of Ukraine, the church occupied a prominent place in our lives. After all, it is not only the territory where we live that makes us Ukrainians. The Karpinski Foundation respects native history and traditions, which is why we actively support and help the church.

To conquer the "Trail"

About forty young boys and girls took part in the "Path of the Unconquered" training camp, organized by Olea Sydiy, a scholarship holder of the "Karpinsky Foundation", together with the Youth Nationalist Congress.