Pilgrim’s Prayer Book

Pilgrim's Prayer Book

The Karpinski Charitable Foundation is always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need, and this year was no exception. When the Stryi Eparchy of the UGCC prepared for the 28th “Walking Pilgrimage to Hoshev”, they reached out to us for support. They were in need of funding for the Pilgrim’s Prayer Book, a souvenir for the participants of the pilgrimage.

We were happy to assist and provided funding for the prayer books. Unfortunately, due to the quarantine restrictions, the Walking Pilgrimage to Hoshev had to be cancelled this year. Nonetheless, we remain optimistic that the situation will improve, and the pilgrimage will take place next year, and each participant will receive a souvenir.

The pilgrimage is a significant event that brings together people from different regions, united by their faith and the desire to connect with each other and with God. We believe that supporting this kind of initiative is essential, as it helps to promote the spiritual growth and cultural heritage of the Ukrainian people.