Oleksa Gasin’s field game

Oleksa Gasin's field game

The Forge of the Conscious game named after Oleksa Gasyn was a unique experience for our scholarship recipients. It aimed to instill in them a sense of love for the Motherland, courage, and unconquerability on the way to victory.

The game was held in the forest and lasted for 6 hours. Participants were divided into two teams and had to work together to overcome all obstacles and win the game. It was amazing to see how the teenagers completely stepped out of their comfort zone and gave free rein to their inner strength. Through this game, they were able to discover things in themselves that they hadn’t even realized before.

Before the game, the participants visited the Oleksa Gasyn Museum, where they learned many details about his life and the history of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA). This added an educational aspect to the event, and the participants were able to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of Oleksa Gasyn’s legacy.

We are grateful to the ISC team for organizing the game and taking responsibility for its success. The event was incredible, and we owe a special thanks to our scholarship holder and ISC member Ulyana Kyryliv for her initiative in organizing this event.

Overall, the Forge of the Conscious game was a great opportunity for our scholarship recipients to build character, work together, and gain a deeper understanding of Ukrainian history and heritage. We look forward to organizing more events like this in the future.