The road of life turns up!

The road of life turns up! Trail of the Unconquered 2021

The “Path of the Unconquered” youth training camp, sponsored by the Karpinski Foundation, has just completed its fifth successful year. This year’s camp took place from July 19-25 in the Skole Beskydy and focused on character development and building a sense of community among the participants. The campers endured six days of rigorous training, challenging themselves both physically and mentally, and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

The camp began with a hike up Mount Lopata, a symbolic location that served as a battlefield for Ukrainian insurgents. The rigorous journey was the first step in what would become an emotional and exhausting week. Participants were also subjected to night attacks by saboteurs, testing their ability to defend and escape in extreme situations.

The program was based on seven training blocks, including ideological, spiritual, physical, communication, self-development, military, and survival. The program was designed to create a sense of brotherhood and mutual support among the participants. This year’s program included a detailed discussion of the hybrid war and the current Russian narratives, which highlighted the importance of understanding the consequences of these actions.

Participants had to prove themselves during the 10-hour drive to Mount Makivka, completing tasks and working with the local population. The program also included a debate on the topic of compromise with evil for the sake of good or refusal to compromise with evil, losing good (for yourself, community, children, etc.).

The “Path of the Unconquered” is more than just a training camp; it is a forge of characters that ignites growth and work for the state. The camp provides young people with the opportunity to gain knowledge about travel, history, and ideology of Ukrainian nationalism, creating a sense of responsibility and sacrifice for the state. The Karpinski Foundation is proud to support such a transformative initiative and looks forward to its continued success.