Trail of the Unconquered

Trail of the Unconquered

While many of us enjoy a well-deserved summer break, Karpinski Foundation scholarship recipient Olya Sidiy embarked on a meaningful project with the support of the foundation and the Youth Nationalist Congress. She organized a three-day camp called “The Path of the Unconquered,” aimed at developing children both physically and intellectually.

The program was designed to be comprehensive, offering a mix of physical activities and intellectual pursuits. Participants completed various quests, went through an obstacle course, went swimming, and listened to talks about leadership, survival in the wild, and the current situation in Ukraine.

“Unfortunately, today’s youth often don’t see the prospects of life in Ukraine. We need to realize that we are the ones who have to create this perspective, we are the driving force in creating a powerful Ukrainian state. That’s why we tried to convey to the participants the importance of being civically active and always ready for emergencies. Moreover, most of the stages were aimed at developing high moral and psychological qualities in young people, including initiative, charity, courage, bravery, determination, resilience, perseverance, and discipline based on the principles of Ukrainian nationalism,” said Olya Sydiy, the project manager, camp commandant, and 1st round scholarship holder.

The Path of the Unconquered camp acted as a spark, and the participants as a fuse that turned into a small flame that, thanks to their efforts, can energize the entire country. “Big changes start with small things; we just need to give them an impetus,” added Olya.

Through this camp, the Karpinski Foundation aims to inspire and empower the next generation of Ukrainians to become civically engaged and develop high moral and psychological qualities. We are proud to support such initiatives and hope to see more young people taking up the cause of building a strong and prosperous Ukraine.