Trail of the Unconquered 2019

Trail of the Unconquered 2019

At the Karpinski Foundation, we believe that supporting active and patriotic youth is crucial for building a bright future for Ukraine. That’s why we were proud to provide financial support for the Path of the Unconquered project this year, organized by the all-Ukrainian public organization Youth Nationalist Congress.

The Path of the Unconquered is a six-day training camp for young conscious people, where participants have the opportunity to test their character, physical and moral fortitude. The camp is based on 7 main areas: ideological, spiritual, physical, communication, self-development, military training, and survival. The goal of the program is to support active and patriotic youth who are ready to take responsibility for the country and become the vanguard of the struggle for Ukrainian values in their field of activity.

During the training, participants engage in physical activities, attend classes, and take part in discussions about the history of Ukraine and the political situation in the country. They also develop critical thinking skills and engage in entertainment and recreation, such as evenings with Ukrainian music around the campfire, games, and stage performances.

The training is held in Skole district, where participants live in tents in the forest, providing a unique opportunity to get out of their comfort zones and toughen themselves. For many of the participants, this experience is new and unusual, but they found it to be a great way to discover new topics and gain knowledge that they can use for the benefit of the state in the future.

One of the camp’s organizers, Iryna Sydiy, believes that this method of training is an excellent way to prepare the youth for the future. She notes that the participants discovered topics they had not thought about before and were motivated to use the new knowledge gained for the benefit of the state. With this generation of young people, we are confident that Ukraine will continue to develop well and have a bright future.