To conquer the “Trail”

To conquer the "Trail"

This summer, the Karpinski Foundation scholarship holder Ola Sydiy, in collaboration with the Youth Nationalist Congress, organized the “Path of the Unconquered” training camp, welcoming around forty young boys and girls. The Skole district warmly hosted the campers, who spent several days actively learning and practicing a variety of skills, sports, and communal living.

The camp program offered a balance of intellectual and physical development. The participants attended lectures on critical thinking and public speaking, explored Ukraine’s history, and discussed chivalry and nationalism. Daily physical activities like morning exercises, rugby, and boxing helped cultivate team spirit, resilience, and perseverance while emphasizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

An essential aspect of the training was the responsibility to guard the camp day and night, developing vigilance and a sense of responsibility for one’s fellow campers. Discipline was strictly enforced, with no tolerance for ill-mannered behavior, while organization and punctuality were highly valued. Anna Shtenda, a Karpinski Foundation scholarship holder and a participant in the camp, shares, “The Path of the Unconquered is a camp that has taught me resilience to challenges, helped me overcome self-doubt, and find people with similar ideas and outlooks on life.”

Overcoming the challenges of the “Path” was not easy, but the campers demonstrated courage, perseverance, and optimism. Each participant returned home with new perspectives, inspiration, and a desire to change the world for the better. According to Olya Sidiy, the camp’s organizer and commandant, Ukrainian youth, educated and full of patriotism and love for their homeland, will play a critical role in building a bright future for the country.

The Karpinski Foundation is proud to support programs like the “Path of the Unconquered” that empower young people to become responsible, resilient, and active members of their communities.