My first scholarship

My first scholarship

The Karpinski Foundation’s My First Scholarship program was established in 2016 with a mission to encourage ninth-graders to excel in their studies, develop social activism, and apply for future scholarship programs.

The first set of scholarship recipients were selected based on their report cards, an essay titled “Street of my dreams,” and recommendations from their teachers.

Initially, the scholarship provided UAH 500 per month per semester, but it has since been increased to UAH 1000 per month. After analyzing the first essays, the program realized that ninth-graders possess critical thinking skills and can propose business plans to improve the world.

Hence, the criteria for the second selection included report cards, an essay titled “I am the future of Stryi,” recommendations from teachers and previous scholarship holders, and an interview.


Applicants are required to describe projects that can improve Stryi, and the best proposals will be implemented and published in the fall. An important aspect of the program is that the candidates prepare projects that they can implement independently while in the ninth grade.

The selection process is transparent and involves the review of essays by a philologist, an expert in advertising communications, and members of the Karpinski family. The interview stage lasts for two days and involves evaluations from the selection committee. The best candidates are invited to a grand award ceremony that becomes a high-profile event in Stryi.

Participation in the life and events of the Foundation is not obligatory, but scholarship recipients are encouraged to attend masterclasses and events where they can learn valuable skills from experts in various fields. The scholarship holders themselves suggest events and courses they would like to attend and are provided with opportunities to organize their own courses.

The My First Scholarship program provides a platform for children to express themselves, be heard in the adult world, and take a small but significant step towards their bright futures.

Умови подачі на програму Фонду "Моя перша стипендія" 2019-2020 року

Заявки будуть прийматися з 20.12.2019 до 24.01.2020.

Якщо в вас виникли запитання по програмі “Моя перша стипендія”, наша поштова скринька – 

Після надсилання заявки в гуглформі, впродовж трьох днів ви маєте отримати підтвердження. 

Якщо підтвердження не прийшло – ми не отримали від вас повідомлення.

Realized projects

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