“My first scholarship”. IX admission to the program.

"My first scholarship". IX admission to the program.

Are you ready to turn your dreams into reality? Take part in the My First Scholarship program and unlock a world of opportunities! As a participant, you will receive UAH 1000 per month for the entire semester, empowering you to pursue your passions and ambitions.

Immerse yourself in free courses offered by renowned organizations and unleash your full potential. Within this program, you’ll discover a community of like-minded individuals who will become your true friends and provide unwavering support.

How can you apply?


The process is simple. Just fill out the Google form with genuine information about yourself, and complete the competition task. Once submitted, await an invitation for an interview. The competition task for this round is both intriguing and engaging:

“Imagine you are the organizer of a festival for your friends. Envision your ideal festival, describing its vibrant atmosphere, the speakers you would invite, and the exciting activities you would incorporate. The primary objective of this festival is to bring together and inspire proactive youth. Feel free to give it a creative name.”

In fact, you have the extraordinary opportunity to be part of a real three-day festival for teenagers happening this summer in Stryi. Share your vision for this festival and explain why you would love to attend. Feel free to let your creativity shine!

Don’t miss out! We eagerly await your application from January 10 to January 31, 2021. Join us on this remarkable journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

About the program

Welcome to the “My First Scholarship” program! Established in 2016, this program specifically caters to 9th graders, and we are proud to have a family of over 90 scholarship holders.

By joining this program, teenagers open the door to a multitude of opportunities. They gain access to free educational trainings featuring renowned speakers, as well as a comprehensive public speaking course led by Iryna Yatsiv, a psychologist and the founder of the Chance leadership school for teenagers. Moreover, participants have the chance to showcase their public speaking skills at a dedicated festival, embark on exciting group trips, and attend various engaging events. The program also fosters the formation of new friendships, provides unwavering support, and offers unique experiences within the community of scholarship holders. Additionally, each recipient of the scholarship is granted a monthly stipend of UAH 1000 throughout the semester. This financial support allows scholarship holders to realize their potential, engage in diverse projects, and develop essential teamwork skills.

The My First Scholarship program, led by our foundation, serves as a valuable platform for children to express themselves and be acknowledged in the adult world. It acts as a small yet significant step toward their bright futures.

We encourage all eligible teenagers to seize this opportunity, embark on a transformative journey, and make their voices heard. Together, let’s embark on the path to a promising and fulfilling life.