Workout in Stryi

Workout in Stryi

At the Karpinski Foundation, we are committed to supporting the development of young people in Stryi, especially in the field of sports,” says Yuriy Karpinsky, founder of the foundation.

Recently, the foundation purchased a special crossbar for workout classes, providing the city with a place where young people can practice and develop their skills.

Prior to this purchase, Stryi lacked specially equipped areas for street workout, despite the high demand for this sport among the local youth. When a trainer approached the Karpinski Foundation with a proposal to buy a special crossbar, the foundation saw an opportunity to support this growing community. Now, workout enthusiasts have a coach and a dedicated space for training.

“We are pleased to see children and teenagers of all ages, including two of our scholarship holders, participating in this sport,” says Karpinsky. “We believe that young people should have the opportunity to pursue their academic goals while also developing their personal interests and physical abilities.”

To learn more about the Karpinski Foundation’s support for sports in Stryi, watch our video.