Two centuries – one war

Two centuries - one war

The Karpinski Charitable Foundation is proud to have supported the Youth Nationalist Congress (YNK) in organizing the thought-provoking photo exhibition “Two Centuries – One War” on the occasion of the Day of the Defender of Ukraine. This exhibition is a tribute to the struggle of Ukrainians against Russian imperialism over the past two centuries, featuring photographs from both World War II and the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war.

The exhibition was held at the Stryi Gymnasium named after Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky, and was attended by students from eight classes over four lessons. The teachers kindly set aside time during their lessons so that the students could carefully examine the photo stands and listen to the stories behind the pictures. During breaks, the students had the opportunity to revisit the stands and ask further questions. The exhibition successfully sparked a meaningful conversation among the students about the complexities and realities of modern warfare.

At the Karpinski Foundation, we are committed to supporting initiatives that promote education, dialogue, and awareness-raising on important issues affecting our society. The “Two Centuries – One War” exhibition is a powerful example of how we can use art and culture to shed light on important historical and contemporary events and engage the younger generation in meaningful discussions. We are honored to have contributed to this important initiative and hope that it will continue to inspire and educate people for years to come.