XI awarding of the “My First Scholarship” program

XI awarding of the "My First Scholarship" program

On September 7, we had the honor of officially awarding the participants of the 11th edition of the My First Scholarship program. Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, we had to reschedule this event, originally planned for March. However, we ensured that our new scholarship holders received training during the spring, despite not being able to have an official congratulation event.

As we prepared for this award ceremony, we kept in mind the needs and wants of our teenage scholarship recipients, especially during these challenging times. Their hard work and dedication deserved to be recognized and celebrated.

We are incredibly grateful for our guests who came to support and motivate our scholarship holders. Each speech was heartfelt and inspiring, and our guests left a lasting impression on our teenagers.

Serhiy Trukhimovych, a UCU lecturer, media trainer, and copywriter, delivered a speech that captivated our scholarship recipients with his creative and innovative ideas. He is the author of the Werbarium video tutorial on advertising.

Hordii Ostapovych, the only representative of Ukraine at the World Championships in memorization in 2014-15, also spoke at the event. He holds the record in the National Register of Records as the person who can memorize a shuffled deck of 52 cards the fastest in Ukraine.

Stanislav Goruna, a Ukrainian karate fighter, and a bronze medalist of the XXXII Olympic Games in Tokyo, was also present. He is the European Champion 2021, winner of the 2017 World Games and the 2019 European Games, and a six-time Ukrainian karate champion. He inspired our scholarship recipients with his dedication, hard work, and achievements.

Iryna Tuliakova, the head of the volunteer project SpivDiya, which aims to streamline the provision of assistance to Ukrainians in a verified, transparent, and efficient manner, and the Executive director of the private full-day school Dreams of Action, also spoke at the event.

Last but not least, Pavlo Hud, the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at UCU, UCU’s communications and external relations specialist, and a priest of the UGCC, shared his inspiring message with our scholarship recipients.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our guests for their motivational speeches and the positive atmosphere they created at the event. Our scholarship recipients left feeling inspired and empowered to pursue their dreams, and we couldn’t have done it without your support.