People in the gadget world

People in the gadget world

The rapid development of modern technologies has brought many changes to our lives, making gadgets an integral part of our daily routine. But, with the advantages come the disadvantages. In the search for the answers to the questions of whether these technologies are a joy or a problem, I participated in the scholarship program of the Karpinski Foundation and embarked on a mini-project to explore the topic of “Pros and Cons of Modern Technologies and the Problem of Computer Extremism among Children and Teenagers.”

The idea for this topic came from an incident that I witnessed on a bus. I watched a girl so engrossed in her phone that she missed her stop, and the driver had to make an unscheduled stop to let her off. This experience made me realize the need to raise awareness about the harmful effects of excessive use of modern technology.

To achieve this goal, I conducted mini-lectures in four schools in my hometown, including Sheptytsky Gymnasium, School No. 7, School No. 10, and a junior high school. The lectures aimed to educate students on the benefits and harms of using modern technology and how to use it in a balanced and healthy way. The response from the students was incredible, and I was thrilled to see how interested and engaged they were.

After each lecture, we held quizzes related to modern technologies, which encouraged the students to think creatively and logically. The winners of the quiz received prizes, which were useful for their studies. I am very grateful for the support I received from the class teachers, Yaroslava Yaroslavivna Stets, Olena Yurivna Dmytruk, Svetlana Romanovna Yankova, Tatyana Yosypivna Cherepan, Oleksandra Omelyanivna Sobko, and Lyubov Yaroslavivna Turyanska, who provided the opportunity to conduct these lectures.

My mini-project would not have been possible without the funding and support of the Karpinski Foundation, who provided the scholarship and organized various entertaining events and courses for the My First Scholarship program scholarship holders. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity and look forward to continuing my work to raise awareness about the proper use of modern technology.