Cossack era

Cossack era

Solomiia Shchuryk, a scholarship holder of the Karpinski Foundation, has made a significant contribution to promoting the Ukrainian culture and history through her “Cossack Era” project. With the help of the scholarship, she was able to introduce school children to the heroic past of Ukraine and instill in them a love for history.

Solomiia’s project “There is no translation for the Cossack family” aimed to educate students about the glorious Cossack era and the life of the Ukrainian people. By developing an interest in the past, Solomiia hoped to form qualities of active, conscious citizens in young people. She believes that without knowledge of the past, we cannot build a better future.

To achieve this goal, Solomiia and her team organized Cossack history lessons for fourth, sixth, and eighth graders at Stryi School No. 3. These lessons included a lot of interesting and relevant information, which students could later consolidate by answering questions and playing quizzes. Additionally, a project competition was held with the eighth grade students on the topic of Cossack Hetmans.


The highlight of the project was an excursion to the Cossack Era Museum in Zhovkva, which was attended by the most active class, the 6th grade. The students had the opportunity to learn about the life and struggle of the Cossacks, as well as the biographies of famous Hetmans.

Thanks to the Karpinski Foundation, Solomiia was able to fully fund her project in the amount of 6,600 UAH. The scholarship provided her with an opportunity to gain a huge experience of working in a team, try herself as a leader, and develop the ability to make balanced and correct decisions. The project has turned her life around 180 degrees, and she is incredibly grateful for this opportunity.