IX awarding of the “My First Scholarship” program

IX awarding of the "My First Scholarship" program

We are thrilled to announce that the Karpinski Foundation now has 118 scholarship holders!

What started as just an idea five years ago has grown into a significant program that supports young people in Stryi. On March 1, we welcomed 20 new scholarship holders for our ninth award ceremony.

Despite the chilly weather, everyone was eager to listen to the inspiring speakers and make the event unforgettable. We are grateful to the individuals who made the atmosphere of the event incredibly warm.

Each award ceremony is an opportunity for our scholarship holders to hear from experienced individuals who can share their knowledge and inspire them. We ask our speakers to share what they would have found most valuable at our scholarship holders’ age. From the ninth award ceremony, we’ve compiled a collection of inspiring quotes that we believe will guide our scholarship holders towards success:

Maria Karpinska: “This is your victory! We respect you for wanting to become more aware.”

Zinoviy Karpinsky: “We are investing in young people who will soon be running our city and our country.”

Yuriy Karpinsky: “It works! Nothing in the world is done by itself.”

Myroslav Karpinsky: “You will be a part of the Foundation as long as you want to be.”

Mariana Vasylchenko: “Remember the moment when you realized thanks to the Foundation: ‘I can do it’, and come back to it every time you doubt your abilities.”

Sergiy Trukhimovych: “Let’s not forget about the power of circumstances. You can become a part of the Karpinski Foundation family because you are from Stryi.”

Marta Tsymbalista: “The scholarship is a small part of what the Foundation gives. Use the opportunities to the fullest: study, rejoice in each other’s victories, love, and support.”

Lesia Rublevska: “You create your own future. And this is the first step to success.”

Sofia Opatska: “It is important from whom and with whom we learn.”

Rostyslav Ivanitsky: “To achieve a goal, you need to start taking the first STEPS towards it right now.”

Khrystyna Ped: “Hate can sometimes be useful. Move forward, no matter what others say.”

Olena Ovchinnikova: “No failure should stop you from achieving your goals.”

Mikhail Sidorovich: “You need to STRIVE for success in the near future.”

Anna Kachmar: “Choose what you love. There are no prestigious or popular professions, there are only professions for the call of duty.”

Paul Hood: “Today you are winners, but tomorrow morning forget about it and get to work with renewed vigor. Invest in yourself and double what the foundation gives you.”

We are proud of all our scholarship holders and look forward to seeing their success in the future.