The third festival of public speaking among teenagers

The third festival of public speaking among teenagers

The Third Festival of Public Speaking Among Teenagers, held on September 3, was a resounding success. The Karpinski Foundation is delighted to see so many young people overcoming their fear and speaking out about important issues. The evening was powerful, exciting, and amazing, and we are proud of all the participants who spoke in front of an audience of more than 50 people.

We would like to extend our thanks to our invited guests, Roman Kushnir, Mariana Vasylchenko, and Anastasia Mykhailovych, whose speeches inspired us all. And of course, we cannot forget to thank the stars of the evening – the scholarship holders. You are all truly awesome!

This time, the judges had a difficult task in selecting the winners from such a talented group of speakers. However, after much debate, the following winners were selected:

  • First place: Liza Lutsiv – “Politics through the eyes of a child”
  • Second place: Ulyana Shepitchak – “Illusion in Life”
  • Third place: Roman Rybitsky – “Emigration of Ukrainians Abroad, or ‘There is no Ukraine, no second Dnipro'”

The winners were awarded valuable prizes and certificates from our foundation. Additionally, Roman Kushnir was so impressed with all of the participants that he decided to award them each with one of his author’s courses on the SPE Development School platform. This will give them an opportunity to gain even more experience and hone their skills.

We are also proud to announce that Iryna Yatsiv will be rewarding Marta Kashchiy for her impressive progress with a course at the Chance Leadership School for Teens.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Fourth Festival of Public Speaking for Teens. Thank you to all the participants, judges, guests, and sponsors for making this event such a huge success.