The sixth festival of public speaking among teenagers

The sixth festival of public speaking among teenagers

The sixth festival of public speaking among teenagers was an incredibly inspiring and emotional day. Our scholarship holders had completed a public speaking course and demonstrated their impressive skills in public speaking. We owe a huge thanks to the coaches, Iryna Yatsiv and Mariana, for doing a great job preparing them.

Every speech was worthy of winning, but our jury had to follow the rules and select three winners. Sofia Dubets took the first place with her speech “Our personal boundaries and what do cats have to do with it?” Soltan Zakhar came second with his speech “Top 3 tips on how to realize your dream,” and Anastasia Gulia won the third place with her speech “Poetry is intoxicating.” Congratulations to the winners!

We’d like to thank our fantastic jury for their time and support. Yaroslav Yurchyshyn, who gave a lecture before the festival and played the guitar and sang for us. We will never forget your words: “Strive – then the tools and opportunities for achievement will be unnoticed on your way.” Sergiy Trukhimovich, who always shows up for our events, and Gordiy Ostapovych, who remembers all our scholarship holders and their speeches. Anzhela Margolich and Yevhenia Prystanyuk, who took the time to listen to the opinions of teenagers, despite their busy schedules.

We also want to thank the founders of the Karpinski Foundation and the My First Scholarship program, Maria Karpinska, Myroslav Karpinsky, and Yuriy Karpinsky, for making the festival possible.

Finally, we would like to recognize our scholarship recipients, Anya Merchuk, who enchanted us with her singing, and Roksolana Garasym, who baked the most delicious cake. We thank everyone who shared their emotions and experiences with us on that unforgettable day. You are all incredible people!