The fourth festival of public speaking among teenagers

The fourth festival of public speaking among teenagers

We are delighted to share the success of the Fourth Festival of Public Speaking among teenagers, which took place online due to the quarantine restrictions. Despite the challenges, our scholarship holders dedicated time and effort to prepare and master the art of public speaking by recording their speeches on video.

The scholarship holders’ speeches were truly impressive and inspiring, showcasing the unique and diverse perspectives of young people today. We were impressed by their commitment to excellence, with one participant admitting to recording their video 176 times to get it just right! It is a testament to their hard work and dedication.

The topics covered were wide-ranging and thought-provoking, from reflections on beauty and adolescence to speeches about friendship, fear, internal struggles, and bilingualism in Ukraine. Each video was different, unique, and interesting in its own way.

We invite everyone to watch the speeches by following this link – We hope that their speeches will inspire others and help them become more confident speakers. We are proud of our scholarship holders and look forward to their future achievements in public speaking and beyond.

We are grateful to our jury members for their support and work:

Maxim Romaniuk, a professional presenter. He is the host of the Rock and Morning show on Vgolos radio, formerly the host of DUZhe Radio, ZIK TV channel, and FM Halychyna radio. He is the founder of the PenAll publication platform.

Serhiy Trukhimovych is a lecturer at UCU, writer, and author of the practical manual “Advertising. Copywriter’s Notes”. Our creative samurai.

Iryna Snitynska is the head of the Agrus School of Rhetoric and Oratory. She is the author and host of the “Time of Stories” program at Radio SKOVORODA. She is the initiator of the Buy a Date – Help Ukraine project.

Hordii Ostapovych is the only representative of Ukraine at the World Championships in Sports Memory, which took place in 2014-2015 in China. He was included in the National Register of Records as the person who can memorize a shuffled deck of 52 cards the fastest in Ukraine.

Roman Kushnir is the head and founder of the SPE Development School (#1 skills development school in Ukraine), business coach, author of more than 25 unique courses, author of 19 popular books on various topics of personal growth, and founder of the Experiment magazine.

Maria Karpinska is the Executive Director of the Karpinski Foundation, founder of the Foundation’s My First Scholarship program.

Myroslav Karpinsky is the director of Ekran-Viknosvit, the ideological powerhouse of the Karpinsky Foundation.

Yuriy Karpinsky is the director of the First Ukrainian Zinc Plant, one of the founders of the Karpinsky Foundation.

Iryna Yatsiv is a psychologist and head of the Chance Leadership School for Teens in Stryi. Iryna teaches a public speaking course for the scholarship holders and prepares them for the festival. She also conducts trainings and intensives: “Teenager WOW”, “Communication from A to Z”. She supports the scholarship holders and helps them develop themselves.

Anastasia Mykhailovych is a scholarship holder of the first intake. Anastasia has a 400-point EIT score (chemistry and Ukrainian language). Multiple champion of Ukraine in oral mathematical calculation. A student of the Faculty of Chemistry at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv and a part-time co-developer of Ukrainian language courses at Znoona200.

Lesia Rublevska is the curator of the scholarship holders. She used to host a morning show and author programs on Fresh FM radio.

The winners of the festival are:

First place – Maria Lesyshyn – “Adolescence, what is it like?”

II place – Yulia Dubyk – “Top 5 book myths, or why reading is still in trend”

Third place – Anya Merchuk – “Racism in the World”

Audience Award – Arsen Ilchenko – “Why are we afraid?”