Oratory in action

Oratory in action

Becoming a successful public speaker requires not only theoretical knowledge, but also constant practice to improve one’s skills. After completing a public speaking course by Iryna Yatsiv, a psychologist and director of the Chance School of Leadership for Teens, the Karpinski Foundation scholarship holders decided to put their skills to the test by joining the First Teen Public Speaking Festival in Stryi on May 29.

Fourteen schoolchildren of different generations participated in the event, and they had been actively preparing for it for a month, rehearsing and improving their speeches. As Iryna Yatsiv aptly noted: “Teenagers are eager to share their thoughts with the world,” and the students came up with a variety of topics for their speeches, including charisma, goal achievement, fashion and lifestyle, migration, fakes, and even coffee!

Experts in the field of public broadcasting, many friends of the Foundation, and members of the Karpinski family were present as audience and jury. Nastia Mykhailovych won the competition with her speech on “I want to go where it’s good, or How not to become a migratory bird,” which captivated the guests with its sincerity and depth.

The festival became a real holiday for the scholarship holders and guests, with the participants gaining tremendous experience in public speaking and the audience enjoying the inspirational speeches and wonderful atmosphere of the event.

Maria Karpinska, Executive Director of the Foundation, praised the scholarship holders for exceeding all expectations, with the festival being an indicator of their progress and thorough preparation. The initiators of the event believe that the ability to present oneself and ideas publicly is crucial for today’s youth – future opinion leaders – and that subjects such as rhetoric and public speaking should be introduced as compulsory in schools.

After this year’s success, the Teen Public Speaking Festival is planned to become a traditional event where students can demonstrate their skills and share their ideas with the world.