Fairy Tales Time 2021

Fairy Tales Time 2021

For the fifth year in a row, the Karpinski Foundation and the Christy Languages and Art School have been spreading the magic of the winter holidays to children who really need it. Through the “Fairy Tale Time” charity event, the organizations raise funds for children from low-income families who often require basic necessities such as warm clothing, boots, or school supplies.

The funds raised from the event are used to purchase gifts for these children, and the Karpinski Foundation doubles the amount raised. This year’s event was filled with exciting activities, and several individuals contributed their talents on a charitable basis.

Katya Tikhonova, a poet and author, charmed the children with her magic tricks, games, and competitions. She ensured that every child had an unforgettable experience. Pavlo Kanyuga, a sociologist, led a seminar on self-discovery for the parents, helping them understand their strengths and weaknesses and find motivation.

The Khoma brothers, skilled photographers, captured all the special moments of the event, and the Zoloto Karpat restaurant created a cozy and welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

The Karpinski Foundation and the Christy Languages and Art School are grateful to everyone who participated and helped make the evening a success. Through the combined efforts of all the participants, children and parents alike, the “Fairy Tale Time” charity event created a real fairy tale, spreading joy and hope during the holiday season.