Scientific progress is Ukraine’s future

Scientific progress is Ukraine's future

Investing in the intellectual youth of our country is investing in the future progress of Ukraine. The Karpinski Foundation firmly believes in supporting the younger generation to help shape the future of the nation. In 2019, we provided financial support to the Stryi team at the All-Ukrainian Tournament of Young Chemists, a challenging intellectual competition organized by the Junior Academy of Sciences.

During this annual competition, students are required to tackle complex chemical problems and present their solutions in a scientific discussion. The tournament is held in two stages, regional and all-Ukrainian, and the competition is fierce. This year, at the regional stage, the Stryi team, “Catalysts,” won 2nd place and earned an invitation to the final stage held in early November in Lutsk.

Our young geniuses, consisting of Taras Ivanykovych (team captain), Romana Mykhailovych, Marta Brychko, Olga Sukhoverska, and Yevhen Nikolyshyn, participated in the all-Ukrainian stage and secured 15th place. We are incredibly proud of their impressive performance and hard work.

We firmly believe that by supporting and investing in the intellectual development of our younger generation, we are helping to secure the future progress of our great nation. We will continue to support young people who strive to achieve their potential and make a positive impact on the world.