Book Fair in Stryi

Book Fair in Stryi

Cultural events are essential for the development and enrichment of a community, and the Karpinski Foundation is proud to support such initiatives. The recent Book Fair held in Stryi was a resounding success, with 70 authors from across Ukraine taking part, demonstrating the scale and importance of the event. The city was buzzing with excitement as people left the fair with new books and engaged in discussions with authors.

The Karpinski Foundation also participated in the event by sponsoring the visit of Max Kidruk, a renowned Ukrainian writer, traveler, and science popularizer. Kidruk is the author of several acclaimed books, including Don’t Look Back and Be Silent, The Cruel Sky, Until the Light Fades Forever, and the fantastic dilogy Bot. Two of his novels, Look Into My Dreams and Where There Is No God, were shortlisted for the BBC Book of the Year Award, and his works have been translated into several languages.

Kidruk’s books are captivating, and readers can lose themselves in his stories for hours. During the preview performance, the writer provided insight into his upcoming cycle, The New Dark Ages, which promises to be an exciting read. Kidruk’s storytelling abilities had us hanging on to his every word, and we cannot wait to get our hands on the first book in the series, due to be released next fall.

We had the privilege of meeting with Kidruk, and it was a fantastic evening filled with interesting conversations and emotions. The writer even shared his love for Stryi and his admiration for the city, which he has visited four times.

Thank you, Max, for your time, and we hope to welcome you back to Stryi soon. The Karpinski Foundation is committed to supporting cultural events that enrich our community and foster creativity and imagination.