X presentation of the “My First Scholarship” program

X presentation of the "My First Scholarship" program

The My First Scholarship program celebrated its Xth anniversary this year, welcoming  new scholarship holders to the family. It was an exciting event for both the new participants and the previous scholarship holders who have gained invaluable knowledge and experience over the years.

The celebration was attended by not only the new scholarship holders but also esteemed guests who delivered inspiring speeches to encourage and motivate them. Among them were Andriy Zelinsky, a political scientist and military chaplain, Iryna Snitynska, a top public speaking coach and founder of the Agrus School of Rhetoric and Public Speaking, Serhii Trukhymovych, a UCU lecturer and writer, and Lidia Stasenko, the head of the education department of the Stryi City Council.

The Karpinski Foundation, founded by Zinoviy, Myroslav, Yuriy, and Maria Karpinski, was also present and played a significant role in the success of the program. The celebration took place at the Zoloto Karpat hotel-restaurant and was hosted by Nazar Biychuk, with the Khoma Brothers capturing the memorable moments.

We thank all those who joined us to share their emotions and experiences and congratulate the new scholarship holders as they embark on their journey to gain knowledge and experience. Together, we can create a place of strength and unity that will make a difference in the world.