Scholarship holders at Oratory Lviv Open IV

Scholarship holders at Oratory Lviv Open IV

The fourth Oratory Lviv Open held in Lviv was an exciting and memorable event that brought together talented speakers from Western Ukraine. This year’s theme, “Going Beyond,” challenged speakers to go above and beyond in their speeches, impressing both the audience and the judges with their stories.

Among the attendees were Karpinski Foundation scholarship holders, who have been attending public speaking courses for the past three months. For them, this event was an excellent opportunity to witness the art of public speaking in action and learn from the best.

Teenagers from Stryi were particularly enthusiastic about the competition and made sure not to miss any of the speeches. They even took notes on the most successful phrases and had a favorite speaker, Hordii Ostapovych from Stryi, a speed-reading and memorization coach who had won the first OLO Public Speaking Championship. This year, with the support of his fans, Hordii took fourth place in the final of the Championship.

The audience, including the scholarship holders, had the opportunity to evaluate the contestants alongside the star-studded panel of judges. The speeches were sincere, emotional, and left a lasting impression on everyone in the hall. The applause, tears, and laughter were all evidence of the speakers’ exceptional talent and hard work.

The scholarship holders thoroughly enjoyed the event and cheered the speakers on with great enthusiasm. They had the chance to meet and learn from the speakers, as well as to develop new public speaking techniques. These skills will undoubtedly be valuable to the students in their future endeavors, both personal and professional.

The Karpinski Foundation is proud to support these talented and hardworking students as they develop essential skills and strive for excellence. The Foundation congratulates all the contestants of the Oratory Lviv Open and wishes them continued success in their future endeavors.