Sakura trees for Stryi

Sakura trees for Stryi

Stryi is a truly remarkable city, rich in history and culture. Some say that it is a city on the banks of the river, and it used to be called the “city of eternal light.” And now, perhaps, every resident of Stryi has heard the phrase “Stryi is a city of magnolias”. However, the beauty of the city does not stop there.

Mykhailo Shmigelskyi, the founder of the Stryi Magnolia City project, has been working tirelessly for several years to visually transform our streets into something unique, charming, and flourishing. Thanks to his initiative, the city has already seen numerous magnolias beautifully decorating its streets.

Recently, Mykhailo has also launched a sakura alley on Chornovil Avenue, and the Karpinski Foundation was thrilled to support this beautiful project.

“We bought seven sakura trees and set out to plant them in the morning,” says Maria Karpinska. “The process itself was inspiring, as everyone could imagine how beautiful the place would look when the trees bloomed. Almost all the family members joined in the planting, and the work went by unnoticed and in good spirits. Now we just have to wait a little bit and admire the result. After all, every spring, we will see a real fairy tale and a true rebirth of Chornovil Avenue.”

It is inspiring to see the community come together and work towards making our city a more beautiful and vibrant place. We hope that this project will inspire more people to get involved in making our city an even more remarkable place to live in.