Our actions after February 24, 2022

Our actions after February 24, 2022

The ongoing war in Ukraine has been a painful reality for its people. Ukrainians are struggling to come to terms with the fact that human beings are capable of such atrocities. Despite the challenges, the Karpinski Foundation has been tirelessly working towards providing assistance and support to those in need. From day one, the foundation’s founders have been actively contributing towards supporting the military and volunteers in the region.

The Karpinski Foundation has been contributing to the Ukrainian army’s needs in the combat areas, such as medical care, military ammunition, and communications equipment. In February, the Ekran Group’s companies manufactured anti-tank hedgehogs for the defense of Lviv region. In March, the foundation set up humanitarian aid centers at Zinkovnia’s plants in Lviv and Stryi. Dozens of tons of goods were sorted, unloaded and shipped to the most needed regions. Over a hundred volunteers joined in the coordinated effort.

In addition, the foundation set up a “procurement to the Armed Forces” system, with a logistics center in Przemysl, to deliver aid to the military and humanitarian goods to residents of frontline and near-frontline towns and villages. The Karpinski Foundation also purchased 150 sets of uniforms for the Stryi TRO and tablets for reconnaissance, fire adjustment, and other critical tasks for 10 groups of the Special Forces. The foundation also transferred additional ammunition and equipment to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Karpinski Foundation also provided support for vehicles required by the military. The foundation bought an SUV and sent it to the front, and in the summer, it purchased three fully equipped ambulances with the help of its friends in Germany. Part of the funds for these vehicles was raised by friends, acquaintances, and concerned citizens of Ukraine. Two of these vehicles were sent to the frontline, and one was sent to Avdiivka, Donetsk Oblast, to rescuers who, even under fire, deal with emergency situations and transport the wounded.

The Karpinski family, including its scholarship recipients, has also been actively involved in the foundation’s activities. For instance, Zenoviy, Maria and Myroslav Karpinski’s son, recorded a small concert and collected donations to fund a car for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The scholarship holders self-organized and raised funds to donate to the Prytula Foundation by auctioning off their paintings and baking goodies. Anastasia, another scholarship holder, raised funds for a thermal imager for her father and his brothers, and her peers joined in to support the cause.

Despite the challenges, the foundation has continued to provide aid and assistance to those who need it the most, thanks to the tireless efforts of its founders, volunteers, and donors.

Even prior to February 24, we were different individuals, yet always aware that our country was at war and that the enemy remained on our borders. But with the full-scale invasion, we transformed completely. We mastered the ability to combine the incompatible, and expanded our understanding of topics that we had never considered before. One moment we could be preparing a speech for our scholarship recipients, and the next moment we could be deciding where to purchase turnstiles and first aid kits. We are grateful to the defenders of Ukraine, as they enable us to pursue our vision and continue our activities. Our strength lies in our dedication to developing young people, while also supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Together, we are determined to emerge victorious!