Online meeting with students and teachers of the University of Banking

Online meeting with students and teachers of the University of Banking

Recently, Maria Karpinska, the executive director of the Karpinski Foundation, was invited to speak at a zoom meeting for students and teachers from the Fundraising Department of the University of Banking. The purpose of the meeting was to provide insight into the Karpinski Foundation’s activities and to discuss the importance of social responsibility in business.

During her talk, Maria emphasized the importance of businesses engaging in activities that benefit society, beyond just making a profit. She explained that the Karpinski Foundation aims to make charity unnecessary by creating a new generation of successful and fulfilled individuals who can share their wealth and not rely on charity if necessary.

The Karpinski Foundation achieves this through its My First Scholarship program. The program is designed for teenagers who are eager to learn, develop, set challenges for themselves, and meet them successfully. The scholarship provides trainings, psychological counseling, a community of like-minded individuals, a rating system, and career guidance.

The program transforms teenagers into confident and self-aware individuals, helping them to understand their strengths and areas for growth, receive support from new friends, and find a place where they will always be understood.

Maria believes that the impact investment model, which involves investing in projects that generate both financial returns and social or environmental benefits, can be a game-changer for the Karpinski Foundation. By investing in our children’s future, we can change our city and country.

Thanks to the My First Scholarship program, 118 individuals have already transformed their lives, becoming successful and fulfilled individuals who can contribute to society. The Karpinski Foundation’s ultimate goal is to create a society where no one waits for help, and no one is poor, sick, or hungry. Instead, only successful individuals who share their success stories and young people who want to join the program will be present.