Meetings with Olga Rudneva

Meetings with Olga Rudneva

How can we educate teenagers about sex and AIDS in a way that maximizes their knowledge and minimizes harm? Olga Rudneva, the head of the Dialog Hub and a coordinator of various AIDS initiatives with the Elena Pinchuk Foundation, has been answering this question for 17 years. On Sunday, September 19, she met with our scholarship recipients to discuss this difficult but important topic.

In today’s world, teenagers have unlimited access to information, but not all of it is true or useful. Misinformation can lead to false ideas about sex, body image, and relationships, which is why it is crucial to ensure that teenagers have access to accurate information from experts.

During the meeting, our scholarship recipients asked many questions and were interested in the concept of self-esteem and body acceptance. The conversation was informative, interesting, and at times chilling.

Olga’s visit and insights changed our vision of the world. We thank her for this important conversation.

Another meeting, Olga Rudneva talked about empowering women and choosing oneself. Olga is the coordinator of the “I Can!” project, which strengthens the role of women and promotes women’s mentoring. She is an expert in social corporate responsibility, fundraising, and has experience in government agencies and private business. She is also one of the 100 most successful women in Ukraine.

During this meeting, everyone had the opportunity to ask Olga questions and express their opinions. We discussed gender distribution, shared our stories, and analyzed why we should not forget about ourselves when we take care of our family and neighbors. We talked about the future of women in the world and found answers to questions about where to find inner strength and confidence. Together, we celebrated that we were born at a time when it is cool to be a woman!