Interview of scholars with Maria Karpinska

Interview of scholars with Maria Karpinska

Recently, at one of the scholarship holders’ public speaking classes, teenagers had the opportunity to feel like journalists. Maria Karpinska visited the class and they were given a rather unusual task. Everyone had to come up with the most interesting questions, ask them, and, most importantly, write down the answer. After that, the scholarship holders themselves decided which questions were most interesting to them and which answers they would like to publish. Read on to find out what questions our fellows asked the project founder.

-How did you come up with the idea to create the My First Scholarship project?

-The idea came about spontaneously. One day Myroslav said: “Find me a creative child who I will pay for studying well and developing himself.” We thought about it for a long time. I had once received a scholarship myself, and this prompted me to create such a project in Stryi. There was a lot of work on the program and it was chaotic, but the result surpassed itself. I am very glad that we succeeded.

-Do you have any future prospects for the project’s development?

– Every six months we add 11 scholarship holders, and we plan to increase the number.

I have a dream that in the future the scholarship holders will create their own scholarship project and help active youth realize themselves.

We are planning to organize new trainings, “What? Where? When?” games, projects and events, and I am ready to listen to your suggestions on topics that would be interesting to you. I would also like to develop career guidance courses more, because choosing your life’s vocation is really hard. I want to make this choice as easy as possible for you and help you in any way I can.

-What human qualities do you value most and what do you look for during an interview?

-First of all, the desire to be wise. I want children to realize the difference between intelligence and wisdom, because it is very important. I also prioritize honesty and strategic thinking, when a person understands where he or she is going. I also value a sense of humor and the ability to cope with defeat.

-Did you have a childhood dream and did it come true?

-I always wanted to be a teacher. Somehow it happened that I met you and I was able to partially realize myself in this direction, trying to pass on my knowledge and experience to you. I am glad that my childhood dream has come true.

-Are your children’s grades at school important to you?

-I want them to be important to them. My intervention is irregular. I would like my children to choose their own priorities.