Familiarizing scholarship recipients with business

Familiarizing scholarship recipients with business

The Karpinski Foundation scholarship holders have once again demonstrated their curiosity and thirst for knowledge by visiting Ekran-Viknosvit and the First Ukrainian Zinc Smelter. The students were impressed by the high level of service and modern production standards of both companies, and learned about innovative technological solutions and environmentally friendly approaches to production.

During their visit to Ekran-Viknosvit, the scholarship holders learned about the production of translucent structures and the criteria for choosing windows. They also had the opportunity to speak with Myroslav Karpinsky, Director of Ekran-Viknosvit, who shared his philosophy of success, emphasizing the importance of skilled workers and a friendly atmosphere in achieving business goals. The students were impressed by the scale of production, the amount of technology and labor required to produce high-quality structures.

At the First Ukrainian Zinc Smelter, the scholarship holders learned about the hot-dip galvanizing process and its advantages over other methods of corrosion protection. They also learned about the importance of keeping up with modern developments in the industry, introducing the latest technologies, and improving the level of professionalism of staff to maintain leadership positions.

The scholarship holders were inspired by what they saw and learned on their excursions. They realized that to be the first, one must constantly improve, set new goals, and work tirelessly to achieve them. The Karpinski Foundation hopes that the modern business books given to the scholarship holders at the end of the excursions will serve as a source of inspiration for their future achievements.

As always, the Karpinski Foundation is proud of its scholarship holders and their willingness to explore new horizons and learn about new industries.

We are confident that these excursions have broadened their horizons and inspired them to strive for excellence in their chosen fields