Career guidance from Pavlo Hood

Career guidance from Pavlo Hood

The Karpinski Foundation is dedicated to helping young people realize their potential and find fulfillment in their chosen professions. That’s why we recently organized a practical course on career guidance for our scholarship recipients.

During the course, each scholarship recipient had the opportunity to talk to the director of the UCU School of Journalism, Paul Hood, who provided individualized guidance on choosing a profession and determining a trajectory of development. We believe that it’s essential for young people to choose a profession that they enjoy and that allows them to use their talents and abilities to the fullest.

To help our scholarship recipients make informed decisions about their future careers, Paul emphasized the importance of talking to people who are already working in their chosen field and gaining firsthand experience through internships or job shadowing. He also encouraged the students to take the time to weigh the pros and cons of different professions and to understand that it’s okay to make mistakes and change course if necessary.

At the end of the course, each scholarship recipient was tasked with evaluating their chosen profession and determining whether it was the right fit for them. We believe that this practical course on career guidance is a crucial step in helping young people realize their dreams and find fulfillment in their professional lives. By providing personalized guidance and support, we hope to empower our scholarship recipients to pursue their passions and become successful professionals in their chosen fields.

The most important thing is to understand that 5 years of higher education can be simply wasted if you just go to work and feel complete apathy. And 5 years in the modern world is very expensive. That is why Pavlo gave the task to each scholarship recipient in 5 weeks to understand whether they have chosen the right profession, whether they will like it today and in the future. If the students realize that they made a mistake in their choice, it is for the best, because 5 weeks is not 5 years of wasted time and resources.

Later, when the fellows feel comfortable in a certain field of work, weigh all the pros and cons, realize whether this occupation is close to them, we, together with Pavel, will help everyone understand the trajectory of development in the chosen profession: where is the best internship, which university is the best to choose, how become a professional in your field.

A practical career guidance course is a chance for children who will be able to make their dreams come true and make their profession a life’s work, a work they want to do every day!

о. Павло Худ
Head of the School of Journalism at UCU
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