A new generation of fellows

A new generation of fellows

The Karpinski Foundation’s My First Scholarship project has been making a tremendous impact, empowering talented schoolchildren to implement their innovative ideas for the development of their community. Over time, the project has grown in popularity and become a much-awaited event for students in Stryi, with this year seeing the fifth and sixth generation of scholarship holders.

The winners were awarded in the spring and fall at the Zoloto Karpat Hotel, where the guests enjoyed a cozy atmosphere, delightful music from a string orchestra, and an opportunity to network, congratulate each other, and discuss the future implementation of their projects. The founders and long-time friends of the Foundation, including members of the Karpinsky family, and Fr. Nazar Biychuk, hosted the event

One of the highlights of the spring award ceremony was an oratorical battle among eleven Foundation scholarship holders, who delivered compelling speeches on the topic “My life is my choice and my responsibility. I choose myself.” The participants had undergone a month of rigorous training and evaluation by a professional jury consisting of Roman Kushnir, the founder of the SPE Development School, Ira Kastran, a coach at the School, and Serhiy Trukhimovych, a UCU lecturer, and creative samurai. The scholarship holders exhibited their oratory skills, delivering speeches that left a lasting impression on the guests.

After the scholarships were awarded, the guests enjoyed a delightful buffet dinner and socialized in a more informal setting. The evenings were full of cheerful laughter, happy smiles, and congratulatory messages to the young talents who joined the large and friendly family of Karpinski Foundation scholarship holders.

The My First Scholarship project continues to impact the lives of many students, providing them with a platform to showcase their creativity and innovation. The Foundation’s commitment to nurturing young talents remains unwavering, and the future looks bright for the next generation of scholarship holders.