XII awarding of the "My First Scholarship" program

22 new fellows joined us. And together, the program has 175 participants. Every time is joyful and exciting...

Results of the year 2022

How did 2022 pass in B.O. "Karpinski Foundation"

Our actions after February 24, 2022

We immediately adjusted all our plans and focused our efforts on helping Ukraine, the Armed Forces and Ukrainians. From day one...

Meeting with Serhiy Prytula.

"Let yourself be interested in everything" - these were the words that Serhiy Prytula shared with our scholarship recipients during a recent meeting. "You should care about everything. Show that you are ready to take responsibility and take it upon yourself."

XI awarding of the "My First Scholarship" program

On September 7, we had the honor of officially awarding the participants of the 11th edition of the My First Scholarship program.

Results of the year 2021

This year was full of events and special guests. It started with a new recruitment and the wonderful news that we have crossed the threshold of 100 scholars...

Meetings with Olga Rudneva

On September 19, Olga Rudneva, at the invitation of the Karpinsky Foundation, held two meetings in Strya.

X presentation of the "My First Scholarship" program

It is always exciting when new members join the family of scholars. They still have a lot of discoveries and experiences ahead of them...

Stryi in the Ukrainian record book

On the occasion of the Day of the Ukrainian Flag and Independence Day, citizens of Stryi came together to set a record for Ukraine - the largest human chain in the colors of the national flag.

Presentation of the book "The Case of Vasyl Stus"

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Vakhtang Kipiani for his recent presentation of the book "The Case of Vasyl Stus" in our city of Stryi, held at the beautiful Zoloto Karpat hotel.

Online meeting with students and teachers of the University of Banking

Recently, Maria Karpinska, the executive director of the Karpinski Foundation, was invited to speak at a zoom meeting for students and teachers from the Fundraising Department of the University of Banking.

Interviews of the scholarship holders with people who inspire them

Each time, new challenges arise before our fellows. Recently, they received an interesting task - to interview a person they admire.

Speech by the scholarship holder of the fourth intake - Marta Cymbalista

Marta's words are very valuable to us, that's why we keep them as a souvenir for everyone.

IX awarding of the "My First Scholarship" program

118 scholarship recipients of the Karpinski Foundation! Time flew by: 5 years from just an idea. On March 1, THEIR set - 20 newly minted scholarship holders - joined us!

Results of 2020

This year was mixed. Many plans had to be changed, transferred and eventually adapted to new conditions.

Two centuries - one war

Youth Nationalist Congress - MNC, with the support of our charitable organization "Karpinskyy Foundation", organized a photo exhibition "Two centuries - one war" for Defender of Ukraine Day.

Photo contest "My Autumnal Stryi"

For the second time, we are organizing a photo contest for scholarship recipients.


We are thrilled to share with you our latest creation, "DREAMBORD." The idea for this video was conceived by Maria Karpinska, who recognized the challenge of conveying the impact of the My First Scholarship program and the foundation's work in words alone.

Presentation of the program "My First Scholarship". VIII intake.

Our family of scholarship holders is constantly growing, and we are thrilled to announce that we now have over 88 students enrolled in the My First Scholarship program. On September 15th, we had the honor of officially awarding the 8th intake of the program, and it was an unforgettable evening for everyone involved.

Hiking on Pikuy

We are excited to share with you the unforgettable experience of our recent hike to Pikuy. The hike was a great adventure and challenge for our scholarship holders, as for many it was their first time hiking in the mountains. We are proud of each and every one of them for demonstrating their character, determination, and learning about their capabilities.

Photo contest "My morning sunny Stryi"

We are thrilled to announce the winner of our photo contest, My Morning Sunny Stryi.

How to choose a future profession

The Karpinski Foundation recognizes the importance of career guidance and organized career guidance lectures for their scholarship holders and their parents. The lectures were conducted by Pavlol Hood, the deputy dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Ukrainian Catholic University.

Sakura trees for Stryi

Stryi is a truly remarkable city, rich in history and culture. Some say that it is a city on the banks of the river, and it used to be called the "city of eternal light." And now, perhaps, every resident of Stryi has heard the phrase "Stryi is a city of magnolias".

Leadership as a way of life

What is leadership? Leadership is an extremely responsible business, and although it often means influence and recognition, not everyone will decide to do it, because the leader is responsible for his actions.

Oratory Lviv Open V

An annual trip to Lviv for the Oratory Lviv Open oratorical championship has become a tradition for scholarship holders of the Karpinski Foundation.

On top of Mount Pikuy

One of the wonderful traditions of the Karpinski Foundation is joint hiking in the mountains. Such forays harden the character and contribute to the development of team spirit. Scholars have already conquered Hoverla several times, and this summer, the Foundation team together with 12 schoolchildren climbed Mount Pikuy.

Scholarship recipients on the way to success

What is success and how to achieve it? What traits should a successful speaker possess? Why develop self-presentation skills?

Movie review of Kruty 1918

The Karpinski Foundation's scholarship holders have once again demonstrated their passion for learning and their strong sense of community.

Familiarizing scholarship recipients with business

The Karpinski Foundation scholarship holders have once again demonstrated their curiosity and thirst for knowledge by visiting Ekran-Viknosvit and the First Ukrainian Zinc Smelter.

Stryi comedians at the "Pyramid Show"

Are you still unsure if April Fools' Day is worth celebrating? Let the Stryi schoolchildren show you how to spend the day with fun and usefulness. The KVN team "I Knew It" recently took part in the humorous competition "Pyramid Show 2018".

How scholarship holders went to Hoverla

At the Karpinski Foundation, we are proud of our annual tradition of climbing Hoverla, the highest mountain in Ukraine, with our family of scholarship holders. Despite the challenges, our students have always been up for the task.

Career path: where to start?

Schoolchildren in Stryi are embarking on a path to a successful future as scholarship holders of the Karpinski Foundation. These young scholars have taken the first steps.

A new generation of fellows

The Karpinski Foundation's My First Scholarship project has been making a tremendous impact, empowering talented schoolchildren to implement their innovative ideas.

Scholarship holders at Oratory Lviv Open IV

At the end of spring, the 4th Oratory Lviv Open Championship was held in Lviv, which brought together the most talented orators of Western Ukraine.

Mastering the art of time management

How to effectively plan your time? What is self-motivation for? How to learn not to postpone important tasks "for later"?

"My first scholarship" - a step towards a successful future

Young talents are inexhaustible - this was once again confirmed by the "Karpinskyy Foundation" when congratulating the winners of the spring and autumn contests "My First Scholarship 2018".

Career guidance from Pavlo Hood

Are you happy at your workplace? Are you passionate about what you do? Have you ever thought about how prospective applicants should choose their major?

"I knew it" - the best!

KVN in Stryi? You may not have heard of it, but now there's a talented new team called "I knew it" who are the finalists of the Pyramid Show!

Conquering new peaks

The Karpinski Foundation started the new scholarship year with a symbolic hike to Hoverla, the highest peak in Ukraine

Training by Trukhimovich

Our scholarship recipients had a memorable experience attending a one-day training on project activities led by Serhiy Trukhimovych, a UCU lecturer and creative expert.


Spring is in full bloom, and the Karpinski Foundation's scholarship recipients are already making a difference in their community. Instead of just enjoying their first scholarships, they decided to use their newfound knowledge and energy to make their city a cleaner and more attractive place.