Маєш ідею як змінити Стрий – напиши її нам!


XII awarding of the "My First Scholarship" program

22 new fellows joined us. And together, the program has 175 participants. Every time is joyful and exciting...

Results of the year 2022

How did 2022 pass in "Karpinski Foundation"

The seventh festival of public speaking among teenagers

Until this day, our fellows have been preparing for 3 months. They studied, practiced...

Our actions after February 24, 2022

We immediately adjusted all our plans and focused our efforts on helping Ukraine, the Armed Forces and Ukrainians. From day one...

Guests of the Karpinski Foundation

"My first scholarship" is our business card. Many famous, successful and interesting people are happy to come to chat and be inspired by the scholarship holders' interest and share their experience.

Meeting with Serhiy Prytula.

"May you be interested in everything" - these are the words our fellows heard from Serhiy Prytula. "You care about everything. Show that you are ready to take responsibility and take it.”

XI awarding of the "My First Scholarship" program

On September 7, we had the honor of officially awarding the participants of the 11th edition of the My First Scholarship program.

Help for Ukraine

We have established the work "from procurement to the Armed Forces". For those ready to help. If you would like to join...

Results of the year 2021

This year was full of events and special guests. It started with a new recruitment and the wonderful news that we have crossed the threshold of 100 scholars...

Fairy Tales Time 2021

For the fifth year in a row, on the eve of the winter holidays, B.O. The Karpinski Foundation and Christy Languages And Art are creating a real fairy tale.

The sixth festival of public speaking among teenagers

Our fellows have completed a public speaking course and have now demonstrated their skills in public.

Book Fair in Stryi

FOR. "Karpinski Foundation" financially supported the arrival of one of the authors - Max Kidruk. He is a Ukrainian writer, traveler and ...

Meetings with Olga Rudneva

On September 19, Olga Rudneva, at the invitation of the Karpinsky Foundation, held two meetings in Strya.

X presentation of the "My First Scholarship" program

It is always exciting when new members join the family of scholars. They still have a lot of discoveries and experiences ahead of them...

Oleksa Gasin's field game

Together with the Youth Nationalist Congress, MNK held a field game for our scholarship holders

Stryi in the Ukrainian record book

On the Day of the Ukrainian Flag and the Day of Independence, stryani set a Record of Ukraine. The largest living chain in the colors of the national flag.

The road of life turns up! Trail of the Unconquered 2021

On July 19-25, the "Path of the Invincibles" training camp for young people was held for the fifth time in Skolivskyi Beskids. Annually B.O. The Karpinski Foundation financially supports the youth initiative.

YaStryi 2021

We set ourselves the goal of uniting active youth who strive to develop, expand their boundaries, and achieve high goals! Youth looking for opportunities.

Best Brain №2 “Harry Potter”

On June 16, a truly magical evening took place in Zoloto Carpathians. Even the predicted rain did not dare to disturb us. The game Best Brain #2 "Harry Potter" was a great success!

Presentation of the book "The Case of Vasyl Stus"

We would like to thank Vakhtang Kipiani for yesterday's meeting - the presentation of the book "The Case of Vasyl Stus" in Stryi, at the hotel "Zoloto Karpat.

Interviews of the scholarship holders with people who inspire them

Each time, new challenges arise before our fellows. Recently, they received an interesting task - to interview a person they admire.

Speech by the scholarship holder of the fourth intake - Marta Cymbalista

Marta's words are very valuable to us, that's why we keep them as a souvenir for everyone.

IX awarding of the "My First Scholarship" program

118 scholarship recipients of the Karpinski Foundation! Time flew by: 5 years from just an idea. On March 1, THEIR set - 20 newly minted scholarship holders - joined us!

Free Internet for educational institutions

Since 2007, the Telelan company has been providing educational institutions and clubs with free internet. At the moment, it is about 38 establishments...

Results of 2020

This year was mixed. Many plans had to be changed, transferred and eventually adapted to new conditions.

Fairy Tales Time 2020

Maria Karpinska and Kristina Berezyanska decided to present a real fairy tale to low-income families. They organized the fourth charity evening "Time of Tales".

To be a scholarship holder is …

The participants of the "My First Scholarship" program continued their sentences and told what it's like to be a scholarship recipient.

The fourth festival of public speaking among teenagers

We are still impressed by the speeches of our fellows at the Fourth Festival of Public Speaking among Teenagers.

Two centuries - one war

Youth Nationalist Congress - MNC, with the support of our charitable organization "Karpinsky Foundation", organized a photo exhibition "Two centuries - one war" for Defender of Ukraine Day.

Atmosphere at public speaking classes

Our classes are not simple when there is a lecturer and listeners. Our classes are atmosphere, emotions, practice and new knowledge gained in the game.

"Best Brain is an intellectually entertaining game for teenagers.

"Best Brain" is an author's 100% unique, intellectually entertaining game for teenagers.


We are glad to present to you our creation "DREAMBOARD". The idea to make such a video came from Maria Karpinska, because it is very difficult to convey in simple words the transformation of teenagers when they get into the "My First Scholarship" program and the entire work of the foundation in general.

Presentation of the program "My First Scholarship". VIII intake.

Our family is growing. There are already more than 88 scholars. On September 15, the official handing over of the 8th set of the "My First Scholarship" program took place

The third festival of public speaking among teenagers

On September 3, the "Third festival of public performances among teenagers" took place.

Hiking on Pikuy

We share photos and emotions from the hike to Pikuy. Many of our fellows were in the mountains for the first time. For some, this trip became a test of character and determination. For some, it was learning about oneself and one's capabilities

Interview of scholars with Maria Karpinska

Recently, at one of the scholarship holders' classes on public speaking, teenagers had the opportunity to feel like journalists. Maria Karpinska came to the class and they received a rather unusual task.

Pedestrian safety

Another great project has been implemented.

How do become a scholarship holder?

A new set for the "My First Scholarship" program has been announced

How to choose a future profession

The Karpinski Foundation organized lectures on career guidance for scholarship recipients and their parents. Pavlo Hud - deputy dean at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Ukrainian Catholic University taught teenagers how to protest their future profession.

Sakura trees for Stryi

Stryi is a really special city. Some say that this city is on the banks of the river, it used to be called the "city of eternal light". And now, probably every resident of Stryi has heard the phrase "Stryy is the city of magnolias".

What we did during the pandemic

As soon as the seriousness of the situation with the coronavirus became clear, we, the Karpinski family, immediately decided to act in advance.

Scientific progress is Ukraine's future

In 2019, the Karpinski Foundation provided financial support to the Strya team at the All-Ukrainian Tournament of Young Chemists

We believe in a bright future for Plast

The Karpinsky Charitable Foundation has been friends with Plast since 2014. We are always here to help when you need it.

Trail of the Unconquered 2019

During training, each participant has the opportunity to test his character, physical and moral stability.

Young people choose sport

In June 2019, we became one of the sponsors of the cross-country cycling race in Strya.